LED Bulbs

ALIS 9W/E26 & 11W/E26 Bulbs

These bulbs can be retrofit to existing incandescent fixtures, or newly installed.

ALIS 9W/E26 Bulbs ALIS 11W/E26 Bulbs
Provides dimmable, wide-angle, evenly distributed light Provides more dispersed, dimmable light which limits the number of bulbs required
Equivalent to 50W/60W incandescent bulb Equivalent to 100W incandescent bulb
Provides the correct wavelength and intensity for:

  • Aviary systems
  • Broiler houses
  • Layer cage systems
  • Enriched systems
  • Rearing floor systems
  • Alternative egg production systems
  • Breeder and rearing pig units
All our LED bulbs provide:

  • Instant ‘on’ to a 100% brightness
  • The light spectrum is customized to reduce stress of poultry and swine
  • Energy savings of up to 90% over traditional lighting
  • Polycarbonate ‘virtually unbreakable’ lens



AG65 Adaptor

When used with our Greengage armature and bulbs, this solution is UL certified providing an IP65 water and dust-resistant rating.



LED Symmetry Control Dimmer

This dimmer provides smooth dimmable luminance from 0% to 100% and prevents power fluctuations and flickering.