Control Systems



LED Symmetry Control Dimmer

This dimmer provides smooth dimmable luminance from 1% to 100% and prevents power fluctuations and flickering.

The dimmer comes complete with advanced software that logs the frequency of the power supply 50 to 60 times per minute and automatically compensates for changing frequency. This prevents power fluctuations and flickering.

Using the regulated frequency emitted from the control, the unit can then safely dim the system. Constant light provides numerous benefits for the equipment as well as the livestock.

The regulator is fitted with an amber status LED light, which illuminates when it discovers a poor main power supply, or external interference. The status indicator is easily reset by powering the regulator down and back up.



DTD Programmable Lighting Control

The DTD Programmable Lighting Controller enables maximum flexibility giving you absolute control over your lighting programs. This unit is the ideal complement to Greengage dimmers and bulbs.

This versatile, simple-to-use unit is fitted with its own internal timeclock eliminating the need for a separate barn controller. The unit also Includes dual independent channels with multiple dimming cycles and a 0-10-volt output.