ALIS System

ALIS is the only LED Agricultural Lighting Induction System in North America. ALIS LED lamps simply clip-on and turn-on.

The ALIS system is not affected by moisture or dust and provides reliable, flicker-free, full-spectrum light, ideal for use in poultry and swine applications. The simplicity of installation, adaptability and flexibility of ALIS allows it to be universally accessible and affordable to our customers, regardless of the size of operation.

Our experts map lighting installations using 3D simulation software. We are able to customize the best wattage, number of lights, and the distribution of lamps and power hubs for your barn.

The components of the ALIS System are:


The Power Hub

The ALIS Induction Power Hub delivers a safe, dimmable and super high-frequency electricity to our LED lamps.



ALIS 8W Induction Lamp

This clip-on light distributes the same light as a 60W incandescent lamp.

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ALIS 11W Induction Lamp

Our latest development, this clip-on light distributes the same light as a 100W incandescent lamp.

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